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Card payments at the till, at tables or on the move? We have a terminal to suit every requirement, business and industry.

Simple Merchant Funding

Apply for £2500 to £200,000, with no hidden charges, APR's, Admin or Late fees. Simple and effective.

Leading POS solutions

EposNow have two fantastic devices for you to choose from both fully customisable for all your business needs.

Faster payment solutions for everyday business
Already trusted by thousands of retail and leisure businesses, we are one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the UK.

We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to you and your business.

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Your questions answered

What type of POS terminal do I need?

There are several options in respect of POS terminals. The type of terminal you select depends mainly upon the payments options you want to accept, as well as where and how you need to accept those payments. If you’ll only be accepting payments from a physical location, a countertop model may be the best option. However, if you have a Coffee Shop/Restaurant and want to provide table service, perhaps you would be inclined to invest in a portable unit. If you accept payments at a multitude of locations, such as a mobile van, festivals or even trade shows, you should probably look towards a mobile terminal system. If you envisage that you will be taking a lot of payments over the phone, you may want to discuss a virtual terminal.

Will my business qualify for a merchant account?

Near enough all types of merchant businesses can qualify for a merchant account. The application process may vary depending on the type of business you are running and the risk that has been assigned by the card processing industry.

Working with us you'll find out we're about much more than a traditional merchant services company

We take the time to build long-term working relationships with our clients, focusing on the individual needs of their businesses and payment requirements.

We provide the convenient way for any business to receive card payments, at some of the most attractive rates in the business with options to suit all.

Simplicity & Reliability

Our card machines come with plug and play technology, making it
easy to get started. Our modern, reliable and secure card terminals
come with free 24/7 support (phone, email and online) and next day
terminal swap out.

Real-time reporting

Receive up-to-the-minute online reports, charting every transaction
with downloadable CSV reports to reduce the time spent
on book-keeping.

Great rates

Our best-in-class transaction rates, zero MMSC (minimum monthly
service charge) and low terminal rental means you control your
card acceptance costs. Faster payments ensures the money is in
your account sooner. Batch before 3pm and receive your money
by 7pm the same day!

Options to suit all

Whether you need to take card payments at the till, at tables or on the move? We have a terminal to suit every requirement.


The latest in mobile payment technology.

Your demands are met with proven reliable and robust
payment solutions to suit every demand.


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